Vaping And Life Insurance: Get Non-Smoker Rates!

Are you ready to pay less for life insurance?

You’ve already quit smoking, so quit paying the smoker’s premiums for your life insurance policy! Here’s how:

Vaping and life insurance qualifications have changed: you can now apply for a non-smoker rating (and cut your premiums in half!) but there’s only one company who is going to help you!

If we don’t have your attention yet, keep reading. We’ve got everything you need to know about qualifying for non-smoker life insurance rates even if you vape with nicotine!

Vaping And Life Insurance = Non-Smoker Class!

Whether you vape to save money from traditional cigarettes, or you vape to save yourself from the carcinogens and toxins, the simple fact you vape means you can save yourself additional money and life insurance is your avenue!

Have life insurance already but you’re paying double because you were classified as a smoker? We’ll get you re-rated!

Just looking into life insurance for the first time and looking to avoid the smoker’s tax? Let us help!


42 Years Old
$500,000 Life Insurance Policy
Had Been Vaping For 18 Months
No Major Health Issues

Let’s call her Suzy Q. She already had insurance, but was paying over $100/month because her insurance company classified her as a smoker when she applied. She had since quit smoking, but was a die hard vaper when we met. Yes, she used a nicotine filled cartridge, and yes she vaped very regularly (she was the owner of a vape shop!).

We told her we could get her a better rate, and we delivered. We got her a fresh half million dollar policy, and her new premium was $57/month! Not only did she get a non-smoker rating, she got Standard Plus, meaning she even got a discounted non-smoker rate!

Yes, we’re for real. Suzy Q. cut her premium in half and was approved in just 2 weeks!

How much can vaping actually save you when adding the savings from cigarettes and insurance combined? Here’s a fun little infographic to show you the raw data on not only quitting smoking to vape instead, but potential savings you could establish for yourself.

Vaping And Life Insurance

So is it really as simple as getting paired with the right carrier, applying and it’s done? That is the full process, yes. But before you can apply and be supremely confident they’ll award you the non-smoker class, there is one little piece of red tape. There’s always a catch right?

Requirements To Qualifying For Non-Smoker

You can’t apply and simply say, “I vape.” and it’s over with. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy. Obviously, everyone would do that and there would be no credibility. The life insurance company would inevitably lose money and the discount for vaping and life insurance would probably disappear.

Here’s another situation where someone was unable to get the discount.


59 Years Old
$100,000 Life Insurance Policy
Had Been Vaping For 8 Months
High Blood Pressure

Let’s call him John A. He did not already have any coverage in place, but was browsing the internet looking for ways to save on his upcoming purchase. John A. came across our site and kindly reached out to us. After some discussion, we discovered he had been a smoker all his life (over 40 years) yet he had begun vaping about eight months ago.

We did our preliminary outreach, but the underwriters came back with a clear cut smoker qualification. There’s a good chance we’ll be able to get him the non-smoker rating he’s looking for, but he doesn’t yet meet the basic requirements from the insurance company. The good news, though? A $100,000 life insurance policy for a man his age, given the non-smoker rating, is cheaper than a $50,000 smoker life insurance policy.

So why didn’t John A. get the discount? If you guessed high blood pressure, you’re wrong.

Time frame.

This is the single most important element to securing the top discounts for vaping and life insurance. If you haven’t been away from your last cigarette for at least 12 months, you don’t meet the basic requirements. But other than this 1 year time frame, there are no other requirements except the ability to qualify for life insurance based on all your other health, driving and criminal histories.

If you haven’t touched a cigarette or similar product in 1 year, you already meet the basic qualification for vaping and life insurance can be had at the non-smoker (or even Standard Plus!) rates!

Case Study #3 (May 14)

A gentleman was just approved at Standard Plus this week. It was a pretty simple┬ácase, and he hadn’t smoked in more than 12 months. His health history was very clear cut, and his current health was just as clean. By switching his policy from a smoker rating to a non-smoker rating, his premium was cut by more than a third.

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