Life Insurance For Motorcycle Riders

Obtaining life insurance for motorcycle riders can be challenging if you are not working with the right company, as some insurance carriers see riding as a heightened risk. We frequently come across motorcyclists who are paying higher life insurance rates than if they did not ride a motorcycle.

It is important to know as motorcyclist you do not need to be paying more for your life insurance rates, you just need to be working with the correct carrier. Many carriers will charge you more, and keep you from preferred best rates, but a small group on insurance companies will still give you access to those best classes.

Life Insurance For Motorcycle Riders

life insurance for motorcycle ridersWhen you start the application process for life insurance you will be asked a bunch of questions. Most of these questions will be to let the insurance company know you current health, health history, and family history.

Another aspect to life insurance underwriting is any risky hobbies or activities which you participate it. This is where motorcycle riding comes into place.

Applying for life insurance for motorcycles will include questions such as:

  • How often do you ride?
  • How many miles per year do you ride?
  • Do you wear a helmet?

Coupled with these specific questions will also be a lookup of your motor vehicle report for any driving infractions or DUI’s.

It is no secret why life insurance carriers want to know whether you ride a motorcycle. They view it as more likely you will die before life expectancy.

According to, “motorcyclists were about 37 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a motor vehicle crash”. These numbers to life insurance carriers would suggest that they should charge higher life insurance premiums to make up for this higher risk, and most carriers do.

Hazardous Activities Form

The questions listed above regarding life insurance for motorcycle riders are generally asked on the hazardous activities form. However, not all life insurance carriers ask the question about motorcycles.

Many of the carriers we work with do ask about motorcycles, and will charge higher premiums based on how often you ride and whether you wear a helmet.

But, the carriers who do not ask the questions do need to be made aware you ride a motorcycle. In turn, the best rates are still available if you can qualify for them with your other aspects on your application.

This is where working with an independent life insurance agent who is very knowledgable about life insurance for motorcycle riders can make all the difference.

Best Rates Available

The best rates are available on life insurance for motorcycle riders when working with the right carrier. Finding you the right carrier is what an experienced independent life insurance agent will be able to do.

This information provided does generally apply to those who recreationally ride motorcycles legally on roads, not those who race motorcycles recreationally or professionally.

Racing heightens the risk depending on your skill level. This will take additional questioning, but affordable life insurance rates are still available.

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