Life Insurance With Epilepsy

Purchasing affordable life insurance with epilepsy can be harder than normal, especially if the carrier views it as a seizure disorder. Epilepsy is a unique condition which can be recognized at different points throughout your life, which can even impact your rates.

The degrees to which someone can suffer from epilepsy also vary greatly. Suffering from epilepsy does not mean you can’t obtain affordable life insurance, but it is important to understand why life insurance with epilepsy is considered high risk.

Finding Affordable Life Insurance With Epilepsy

life insurance with epilepsyIf you have controlled epilepsy you understand you will be able to live a long and healthy life despite the condition. Unfortunately, we do speak with people who have been declined for coverage due to epilepsy, or are paying entirely too much for their desired coverage.

In many cases, it is because they applied with an inexperienced agent who marked them down on the application as having seizures, which for life insurance are much more serious. When applying for a policy it is important to be very specific so you are not lumped into a much more risky class.

When it comes to epilepsy and life insurance, it is crucial to be paired with a carrier who will look most favorably on your condition in order to be able to find the best rates.

Getting You Covered

When applying for high risk life insurance, one of our steps we take versus your average agent is our detailed questions. We have the ability to speak with carrier underwriters to find you the best company to work with. Some of the most common questions which will help us find you affordable life insurance with epilepsy include:

  • When were you diagnosed with epilepsy?
  • Symptoms in the past 6 months? 1 year?
  • What medications are you prescribed?
  • What triggers your attacks?
  • Recent tests which are relevant to epilepsy?

When you were diagnosed with epilepsy is one of the most important questions. Epilepsy is a non-curable condition, but a longer history of control with medication will give you the best chance at a better rate. For many people, epilepsy is a condition which is caught during childhood.

It is extremely important if you have epilepsy that you are taking anti-seizure medication. Over time, medications can cause the body to stop losing consciousness during epilepsy attacks, which is very positive for life insurance.

The frequency of the attacks is also very important since most deaths due to epilepsy are due to accidents. In the case, underwriters are most concerned with how frequent you have attacks, versus how severe the actual attacks are.

When it comes to getting covered, choosing a carrier is your biggest differential in what you will be paying for your policy. High risk life insurance comes down to working with a life insurance carrier who will give you the best rating.

If you have been declined for life insurance due to epilepsy, you most likely applied with the wrong life insurance carrier. If you feel you are overpaying for a policy, we would be happy to evaluate your options so you can be sure you are getting the best deal.

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