Life Insurance With Bell’s Palsy

Applying for and qualifying for life insurance with Bell’s palsy is a very straightforward process and great life insurance rates are still likely. Even if you have recently had an issue with Bell’s palsy it should not alone decline you for any traditional life insurance policies. However, some important guidelines do exist when applying for life insurance Bell’s palsy to ensure you are getting the best rates. If the Bell’s palsy has passed it is still possible to qualify for the best life insurance rates simply because this condition is not something which should reduce your life expectancy.

Bell’s palsy is considered to be a nerve disorder which will affect the face, but does not have an impact on life expectancy. However, with any medical conditions in the past you mind find it harder to obtain coverage with some companies who have very tough underwriting requirements. This post will describe how life insurance companies will view Bell’s palsy, the questions underwriters will ask, and how you can find the most affordable life insurance with Bell’s palsy.

Obtaining Life Insurance With Bell’s Palsy

life insurance with bells palsyBell’s palsy in itself will not disqualify you from purchasing life insurance, but it could have an impact on your rating. The biggest concern with this condition is the symptoms can sometimes resemble a stroke, which is of big concern. Having a stroke is obviously a much larger health issue than Bell’s palsy so underwriters want to be sure it was not a stroke. The short lasting impact of this condition, and the treatment normally make it a non-issue for most life insurance carriers. Most of bell’s palsy cases do not even require any medical treatment. Some of the most common symptoms of bell’s palsy include inability to taste, eye tearing, dry mouth or drooling, paralysis, weakness, and excessive twitching.

Life insurance carriers want to be sure it was diagnoses as Bell’s palsy and not something more serious like nerve damage, or myasthenia gravis which could cause even more serious issues. If the condition only occurred once, and can be narrowed down to Bell’s palsy than you should still be able to qualify for preferred life insurance rates if nothing else is in your medical past. If you visited a doctor than it should be clearly noted in your medical records when it was diagnosed, the treatment, and when it cleared up.

Some other things life insurance carriers take into account when deciding your life insurance rating, and your premiums would include your driving history, medical history, family history, age, sex, and any risk habits or occupations you participate in. Even though the Bell’s policy will likely not impact your rates, you should still shop your rates. Just like when purchasing anything the more options you have the better the deal you can get. We have access to 50 of the nation’s largest and best carriers.

Our online quoting tool will allow you to search quotes from all of these carriers to find the policy which is right for you. For a more personalized approach you can reach out to our experienced agents with just a phone call. We look forward to helping you find life insurance with Bell’s palsy.

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