How To Buy Life Insurance With High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

When speaking with potential clients who are applying for life insurance, high blood pressure is often times one of the most inquired about medical conditions. With any medical condition, people are usually concerned it will disqualify them from obtaining affordable life insurance. Buying life insurance with high blood pressure, also called hypertension, is no exception.

High blood pressure can affect people of any age or lifestyle, but the good news is it’s primarily preventable and controllable. When applying for life insurance with a history of high blood pressure there some important factors which you must take into account. This post will describe the main issues of high blood pressure, and how life insurance companies view high blood pressure life insurance policies.

Why High Blood Pressure Could Affect Life Insurance

life insurance with high blood pressure and prescriptions
Even if you take medication, having high blood pressure doesn’t mean you can’t get top rates.

Any medical condition will raise the eyebrows of the life insurance company, and some medical conditions cause people to pay a higher life insurance premium, and some may even cause people to be declined for life insurance. High blood pressure is very common medical condition, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting 1 in every 3 American adults dealing with high blood pressure.

The CDC also reports high blood pressure is a contributing factor to more serious conditions such as heart attack, stroke, and even a high risk to kidney disease. In the United States, high blood pressure is a primary or contributing cause to 348,000 deaths every year.

Just like with most medical conditions, there are varying severity of high blood pressure, which will be taken into account when applying for life insurance coverage. The good news is high blood pressure alone will very rarely disqualify you from getting life insurance. We have even seen clients who have a history of high blood pressure qualify for the better life insurance rates the insurance companies we represent offer.

Can You Get Life Insurance With High Blood Pressure?

Absolutely. Just because you have high blood pressure does not mean you can’t get life insurance. In fact, you can still get some of the best rates available as long as it’s not severe. Insurance companies are looking for a few things when life insurance is being considered with high blood pressure:

  1. At what age were you when you were diagnosed?
  2. Is it currently under control?
  3. How long have you had it?
  4. Are you actively trying to prevent it from getting any worse?

The insurance company knows the risks involved with high blood pressure, such as the possibility of heart issues, kidney issues, brain issues, and other long term illnesses. While high blood pressure is not necessarily a severe condition, the symptoms it creates are what the insurance company is most concerned with.

Will Blood Pressure Medicine Raise Your Rates?

Taking a blood pressure medicine will not necessarily increase your rate. The insurance company will look at your entire health history to make a determination. But, the type of medicine you’re taking, how often you’re taking it, and how consistent your diet is are big factors they will consider.

If you take a small dosage and at less of a frequency, you’re rates are less likely to jump than if you take a large dosage multiple times daily. Your diet, weight and daily activity could play a major role as well. If you’re overweight, there’s a good chance your high blood pressure is more of a health risk, and you’re much less likely to get a good rate.

What If I Smoke, Too?

If you smoke in addition to high blood pressure, you’re starting to play with fire. Smoking is not taken lightly by an insurance company even if you don’t have high blood pressure. Your rate as a smoker is already significantly higher than a non-smoker, but the high blood pressure adds additional risks for heart issues, breathing issues, and circulatory issues. The insurance company is not going to like it’s odds in this scenario, but will probably still issue a policy. The rates will just be much higher.

What If I Exercise?

If you exercise regularly but still have high blood pressure, this will look good in the eyes of the insurance company. They will still consider your overall health and wellness, weight and diet, but the long term risks are significantly less if you’re an active person. You’re more likely to have your blood pressure under control if you exercise at least 30 minutes a day, three or four times a week.

The insurance company overall will not necessarily decline a person just for having high blood pressure. But it does raise a flag. The insurance company will look deeper into your entire health profile for additional risks not only from the past, but from where you stand currently. Ideally, have your blood pressure under control, maintain a healthy weight and diet. This will result in the best rates for life insurance with high blood pressure.

Qualify For A Favorable Rating With Hypertension

As mentioned above, it is very possible to obtain affordable life insurance coverage even with a history of high blood pressure. Life insurance companies want to see a history of control with your blood pressure. Even if you do have high blood pressure, they want to make sure it is under control and not fluctuating greatly over time.

The longer the history of blood pressure control, you have a better chance at getting a good rating, which will in turn reduce your life insurance premiums.

The way you control your high blood pressure will also be taken into account by the life insurance companies. They will want to know any medications your are on, the dosage, your height and weight, and if you have adjusted your diet to help your high blood pressure. One of the factors which could adversely affect your life insurance blood pressure rating is if you continue to smoke. Smoking on it’s own will close to double your life insurance premium. Couple smoking with high blood pressure and you have greatly increased your medical risk and the insurance company will insure you at a higher price tag. Life insurance companies will still most likely issue you a policy, but it will be a much higher premium than if you did not smoke.

Applying for Coverage

When applying for life insurance with high blood pressure the most important thing to remember is to be honest with your medical history of high blood pressure on your life insurance application. Life insurance companies will not only take into account what your disclose on the application, but they will also pull your medical history just in case you failed to mention something. It is always best to be forthcoming regarding any medical conditions on any life insurance application.

Be sure you are working with an experienced independent life insurance agent, who can ask you the right questions regarding your high blood pressure. Working with an independent life insurance agent will also allow you to get the best life insurance rates since we can shop your rate among all of the major carriers, and apply with a company who has looks most favorably on your high blood pressure.

If you, or someone you love, who has high blood pressure and is interested in life insurance, we would be happy to get you some free quotes and help you evaluate your options. You can get affordable premiums on your life insurance with high blood pressure, but make sure you take the necessary steps to secure a policy from the best company.

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