Life Insurance For Foreign Nationals

One of the biggest trends in recent years is Americans living abroad, and this creates the important need of life insurance for foreign nationals. Life insurance for foreign nationals helps those who are living abroad obtain affordable coverage from US life insurance carriers. This is not really a risky activity for most people, so they wouldn’t think it would impact their insurability.

Many people living abroad will find life insurance to be much more expensive, and some foreign carriers will only cover you while you are in that country. Most life insurance for foreign nationals allow you to continue living abroad, as long as you meet certain requirements during the underwriting process.

The world is becoming a smaller place as more and more Americans are traveling abroad for work, or just to live in a new culture for awhile. However, you still may be looking for some of the things still offered by American companies, but the last thing you may think about is life insurance.

Most people living abroad still come back to the United States and while they are here they can still purchase life insurance, even if they are going back to the country they are living in. The purpose of the post is to describe the advantage of working with a U.S. based insurer, how it can be done if you are a foreign national, and the unique steps we take in providing life insurance for foreign nationals.

Understanding Life Insurance For Foreign Nationals

life insurance for foreign nationalsWe understand many people living abroad still like to rely on U.S. companies for their financial transactions and financial planning. If you return to the U.S. for just a few days you can still purchase life insurance in the United States. This would make sense for someone who is only in another country for a certain amount of time.

Life insurance is a product which people want to buy from a reputable company they are familiar with, has a good track record of paying their claims, and who they can work with for possibly for the rest of their life. This is why their is such a demand for life insurance for foreign nationals.

American life insurance carriers are among the strongest and most trusted companies in the world. They are also very highly regulated which allows for more oversight than many countries on their financial companies.

Language barrier can also be a factor when it comes to purchasing foreign life insurance, especially when it is a company which you will be working with to cover and protect your family. Foreign national life insurance is a topic which many people do not think about, but it is in demand for Americans who are living abroad.

Know Your Options

One of the most challenging aspects to obtaining life insurance for foreign nationals is finding a carrier to work with. We have spoke with clients living abroad who spent hours looking for a U.S. carrier to work with.

This is where we come in, we are an independent life insurance agency and we have access to over 50 carriers, and a handful of them do offer life insurance for foreign nationals.

The good news is, some of the top carriers have developed specific programs and policies designed for life insurance for foreign nationals. Many of these programs are different, and each carrier has different requirements surrounding their policies which is why you should evaluate all your options to avoid any hiccups during the application process.

Assessing Risk

Purchasing life insurance for foreign nationals is not much different than domestic life insurance when it comes to underwriting the policy. Life insurance underwriters will consider everything including:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Height/Weight (BMI)
  • Medical History
  • Current Health
  • Family History
  • Risky Occupations/Risky Hobbies

Another aspect of underwriting which does not factor in much when writing policies in America, but does impact life insurance for foreign nationals is the location in which you reside.

It is not just the country you live in, but also which part of the country you live in. Many carriers will decline you if you live in a risky location, or an area of war or unrest. This can be accessed on a case by case basis so we urge you to contact us if you live in a risky region.

Many regions are perfectly fine to live in and purchase life insurance for foreign nationals. Many places which are developed and have stability without much unrest should not be a problem to obtain life insurance for foreign nationals.

These countries will allow you to even obtain a preferred life insurance rating, which is the same rating someone would be able to get if they lived in the United States.

Getting Started

The process of purchasing life insurance for foreign nationals can be best accomplished by working with a U.S. based independent life insurance agency, like us. We know which carriers will offer coverage based upon your region, and the premiums you can expect from your policy. We can also compare quotes to be sure you are getting the best deal available.

Most insurers will require you to be in the U.S. when you formally apply and sign paperwork, and we can be sure to process is completed quickly during your next trip to the United States.

We help foreign nationals looking for life insurance obtain a policy from a company they can trust, without paying too much for the coverage your family deserves.

We also understand that calling the U.S. can be both expensive and a hassle at times. This is why we offer our Skype and E-mail services if you are living abroad. You can always reach us via phone, or through emailing where you can converse with an experienced life insurance agent. If you would like to Skype with us we would be happy to arrange a time which works into your schedule. For any other questions regarding life insurance for foreign nationals please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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