Life Insurance And Celiac Disease

Life Insurance And Celiac DiseaseMillions of Americans deal with celiac disease, and at all ages. Celiac disease is one which can affect your daily life as it requires you to transform your eating habits. Unfortunately, if you’re buying life insurance and celiac disease is a health concern you deal with, your rates can be impacted.

If you need life insurance and celiac disease is stopping you, let us help.

While it means a little more effort than just any term life insurance product, we’re capable of helping you obtain some of the best rates in the industry. Our goal is to get you the best rating so you can pay the least amount.

Like other high risk life insurance types we deal with, celiac disease is insurable for most, as long as they can qualify based on their overall health. Even if you’ve been turned down from another insurance company, there’s a great chance we can still help. Keep reading below to find out more.

Life Insurance And Celiac Disease

Before you attempt to buy life insurance and celiac disease is on your personal history, you should know exactly what affects your life insurance rating. This will help you to provide not only us, but the carrier exactly what is needed to ensure you represent yourself as best as possible. Life insurance prices are set using the applicants age and health as the primary factors. If you can prove your celiac disease is under control, your chances of success will be great.

But first, you have to understand what symptoms and complications an underwriter might be concerned with. So, what is celiac disease and how can it affect your premiums? According to the Celiac Disease Foundation:

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that can occur in genetically predisposed people where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine.  It is estimated to affect 1 in 100 people worldwide.  2.5 million Americans are undiagnosed and are at risk for long-term health complications.

What complications are you at risk for with celiac disease?

Left untreated, celiac disease can lead to additional serious health problems. These include the development of other autoimmune disorders like Type I diabetes and multiple sclerosis (MS), dermatitis herpetiformis (an itchy skin rash), anemia, osteoporosis, infertility and miscarriage, neurological conditions like epilepsy and migraines, short stature, and intestinal cancers.

From the insurers perspective, you can see how untreated celiac disease can be a long term risk. For those who develop celiac disease later in life, the risk is even higher for these diseases to become apparent. Fortunately, a drastic change in diet to a gluten free diet can relieve the applicant of symptoms and complications stemming from the celiac disease itself. These steps are also necessary to successfully obtaining life insurance and celiac disease control is paramount to the top rates available.

What ratings can I expect for life insurance with celiac disease?

When a person’s celiac disease is well controlled, free of complications, and no damage to the small intestine is being reported, you won’t get rated at all. The best rates are available, but with most carriers, standard is common for those who have a sufficient history and treatment is not needed other than strict diet regimens.

For those who have complications and/or damage has been reported in the smaller intestine due strictly to the celiac disease, Mild Sub-Standard rates should be expected.

If your celiac disease has developed into other autoimmune diseases, diabetes, MS, or any other health condition, you can expect to have to qualify for life insurance with celiac disease and all other health conditions. These may push you into the Substandard categories, and in some cases, a decline.

One of the key components to successfully obtaining life insurance and celiac disease is a possible threat is to find the right life insurance company. At Waterway Financial Group, LLC., we seek rates from over 50 different life insurance companies who regularly issue life insurance for those of all health classes. We use only reputable, “A” rated companies to make sure you get a quality product from a quality company.

If you need life insurance and celiac disease is something you deal with, contact us today for a free quote.

Case Study (May ’14)

We had a gentleman call in with regards to a life insurance decision from another carrier in which he was not satisfied. It turns out he was extremely healthy, but had been diagnosed with celiac disease. Obviously, since he was in extraordinarily good health, he had had applied at the top rates.

After a bit of discussion, he agreed to let us shop his rates from other carriers, some of which we already knew were better options. Even if he couldn’t get a better rate, we still had several companies who would save him money in the long run.

Long story short, we got him approved in just over 3 weeks at Preferred rates! We had more than one company to choose from, but this carrier stood out among the pack in not only the best pre-qualification, but extremely competitive rates!

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