Life Insurance And Blood Clots

If you are shopping for life insurance and blood clots is something which may show up on your health history you are wondering if it could impact your premiums. Working with life insurance and blood clots can cause life insurance agents to get a bit nervous if they are not experienced working with high risk cases.

At Waterway Financial Group, we excel in working with people who have a health concerned or possibly been declined for coverage elsewhere. This post will describe blood clots and how they relate to life insurance underwriting, how life insurance carriers view blood clots, and finding affordable life insurance and blood clots.

Life Insurance And Blood Clots

Life Insurance And Blood ClotsThrombosis, or more commonly called blood clots, are normally caused when blood does not flow as it normally intended to. Blood clots can form in different parts of the body, many of which are more dangerous than them occurring in other parts of the body. A blood clot occurs in a place where it is not needed, and this can have a negative impact on the individual. This is why each blood clot will normally be looked at very differently in the eyes of the life insurance carrier.

Blood clots usually form if damage has occurred inside the lining of the artery or the vein. Sometimes these can be very apparent just by looking at it, or they can be contained deep inside the body even at microscopic level. Understanding your blood clots well will help us in working with you regarding life insurance and blood clots.

Questions Regarding Life Insurance And Blood Clots

One of the most important things to remember when applying for life insurance with any medical history is honesty and patience. In order to get a better idea of how much you can expect to pay for a life insurance policy we will often need to ask you a series of questions in order to gain a better understanding of your overall health picture. Some of the basic questions which we would ask include:

  • Amount of time since last diagnosis of blood clots?
  • How many episodes of blood clots?
  • Any issues in the past year?
  • Medication prescribed, and are you still taking them?
  • Do you use any tobacco products?
  • Other medical concerns to be aware of?

Your answers to these questions will help us in finding a life insurance carrier who will not only approve you, but at what rating. If for some reason we are unable to find you a traditionally underwritten life insurance policy, we do have access to carriers who offer guaranteed issue life insurance products. These would typically be last resort however since they are more costly than other products and policies.

Ratings For Life Insurance And Blood Clots

The most common question we receive when working with high risk life insurance, which includes life insurance and blood clots, is “How will it affect my premiums?”. The good news is if you have a had a blood clot it will not solely disqualify you from obtaining a traditionally underwritten life insurance policy. This is great news simple because traditional life insurance, which is life insurance which you qualify for with a medical exam is the cheapest type of life insurance.

Anytime you have the chance to do a medical exam for a life insurance policy, you will most likely be paying a lower premium. This allows the insurance company to gather more information about you which allows them to regulate their risk. You still should be working with an independent life insurance agency who has experience working with these conditions in which it can help you find the best premiums for your situation.

The majority of people who have had a history of blood clots will be able to qualify for standard life insurance rates as long as they are no longer experiencing any symptoms. This is if you had only one episode with a blood clot and it has been taken care of. The time period in which it has been will also help if it has been over 3 years since the episode. If you have had multiple cases, or it has been less than three years you may only be able to qualify for a table 2 life insurance rating depending on some of the facts in your file.

If you are starting your search for life insurance and you have a history of a blood clot we are here to help you gather your quotes, and make an informed purchase. We have many resources available here on our site, but for a more personalized experience or quote please give us a call. An experienced life insurance agent will be available to speak with you in depth about your options in a pressure free environment. When you are ready to apply, we have over 50 carriers to work with so you can be sure you are getting a great deal.

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