Life Insurance After Bariatric Surgery

Searching for life insurance after bariatric surgery can be a tough mission if you are not looking in the right areas of the life insurance industry. Any medical which requires the use of surgery will end up posing difficulties in securing affordable life insurance. When applying for life insurance, many people do not take into account surgeries they have had in past, but life insurance companies will pull your medical records. The procedures around bariatric surgery have come a long way in recent years, and it is becoming safer however the statistics show it still is a risky medical surgery.

Life insurance after bariatric surgery will be based on multiple factors such as the reason for the surgery, and also taking into account the weight loss. The side effects of bariatric surgery is what makes it very dangerous as everyone may react differently to the treatment. On a positive note, life insurance carriers also understand the long term benefit of life insurance after bariatric surgery. Many people who undergo bariatric surgery already have a BMI which would be hard to insure with most companies. This post will discuss the risks bariatric surgery poses to insurers, and the advantage of weight loss over time for the patient/insured.

Pre-Bariatric Surgery

The tough part when considering life insurance and bariatric surgery is the many different ways in which life insurers consider it. Many people who are considering bariatric surgery are considered obese, and have a BMI over 40. For most life insurance companies this would rate the person very high, and could be considered uninsurable by many carriers. This would only leave this individual with the possibility of a guaranteed issue life insurance policy which would be much more expensive than a traditionally underwritten policy.

It’s no secret why people would want to undergo bariatric surgery, it’s to get healthier and live a longer life. Life insurance companies understand the positive effects which can come of a successful bariatric surgery, but it is not without its risks. Read on the view how a company will take into account life insurance after bariatric surgery.

Life Insurance After Bariatric Surgery

Life insurance after bariatric surgery is where things get a bit more complicated simply because so many variables must be taken into account. The first factor is the amount of weight in which you lost (or are losing) due to the procedure. When it comes to weight loss and life insurance each carriers acts a bit differently, but many will add back on half the weight you lose over a year period. For example, if you lose 40 lbs in a year, they will add 20 of it back on when they calculate your BMI.

If you underwent a successful bariatric surgery without any complications, you can expect a slightly substandard life insurance policy, as long as your BMI is within normal ranges. The longer the length of time after your surgery, and your history of weight control becomes better you will be able to apply for a re-rating. A re-rating requires you to go back through the medical exam process, but it can lower your premiums significantly.

Some of the most common factors we will ask you to get a better understanding of your surgery may include:

  • Date of surgery
  • Most recent follow-up with doctor
  • How much weight was lost at different stages post-surgery
  • Any complications post-surgery
  • Other medical conditions (high-cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure)
  • Medications prescribed

Applying For Coverage

Before applying for life insurance after bariatric surgery you want to do some shopping. A great place to start is with an experienced high risk life insurance agency who has a history of working with life insurance after bariatric surgery. This is important since applying with the wrong company could result in a decline which could have been avoided.

When you begin the shopping process with us, we will ask you very specific questions in order to get an overall picture of your health. This will allow us to reach out to multiple companies to get you very accurate quotes. This way you know what to expect, and what premiums to budget for. We know you hate surprises when it comes to premiums, and so do we. If you are searching for life insurance and are curious about how a bariatric surgery will have an impact on your rates please give us a call and we can give you a free evaluation. Be sure to let us know you have undergone bariatric surgery and we can be sure to show you the most competitive premiums in the industry for your life insurance protection.

Case Study (May ’14)

We recently have had a gentleman call in regarding obtaining life insurance for the first time. He had been struggling to find coverage in the past due to his weight and combination of diabetes. He had undergone bariatric surgery one year ago and had lost over 120 pounds within the year.

After discussing his bariatric surgery, weight loss, and overcoming diabetes he allowed me to shop his information among the top life insurance carrier underwriters. We were looking for a health rating which would allow him to purchase his life insurance at an affordable rate, while avoiding a decline which many companies would give him.

We got him approved in just over 3 weeks with a Table-4 Non-Smoker Rating! He was able to get an affordable fully underwritten policy, and was able to avoid paying to much for a guaranteed issue policy. The best news is in a year he will be able to apply for even better rates, and will save even more money.

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