Life Insurance After An Aneurysm

life insurance after an aneurysmFinding affordable life insurance after an aneurysm on your record is possible when working with an experienced high risk life insurance agency. An aneurysm is a very serious medical complication which can cause many people to feel they cannot obtain affordable life insurance. The toughest part about obtaining good information about life insurance after an aneurysm is the different types of aneurysms and the severity of each type. Life insurance availability is based upon age and health, and if medical complications occur it can make it more difficult to find coverage but it is certainly not impossible.

Working with an independent agency gives you not only the advantage of the best pricing, but also access to carriers who will write “high risk” cases such as life insurance after an aneurysm. With the varying risks associated with an aneurysm your life insurance rates can vary greatly based upon the severity and whether or not it was operated or unoperated. Insurance ratings can also range drastically for life insurance after an aneurysm from a Table 1 rating, to even a possible decline for a traditional life insurance policy.

If you have been declined for life insurance in the past due to an aneurysm it does not mean every company will decline you, and if traditional policies are not the way to go we do have access to guaranteed issue life insurance policies as well.

Obstacles For Life Insurance After An Aneurysm

Life insurance rates are based upon a variety of different factors which include your current and past health. Anytime something is out of the ordinary life insurance carriers will consult their underwriting guidelines. Underwriting guidelines differ by carrier, but they are the set of rules which are used to determine insurability and the premiums for a policy. Life insurance after an aneurysm will cost more than a policy for someone who is completely healthy, but premiums are still affordable.

The greatest risk which occurs with aneurysm is the risk of hemorrhaging which can lead to immediate death. Other concerns include the build up of blood pressure which is cause of concern for many other health concerns. Life insurance carriers will need to know a variety of different factors in order to determine the possible insurability of the person applying for coverage.

Questions On the Application

With major health concerns information is key when it comes to applying for life insurance. The first step we will take when working with you is to ask you some important questions regarding your aneurysm which will help us determine the best policy for you, and the rates at which you can expect to pay. Some of the questions may include:

  • Was the aneurysm operated or unoperated?
  • Date of operation if operated?
  • Date aneurysm was experienced?
  • Test results within the past 12 months?
  • Any other health issues (hypertension, diabetes, etc…)?

The biggest factor of these questions which can have an impact on your rates is whether it was operated or unoperated. If the aneurysm was operated and controlled after the operation, and no other issues were encountered you could expect a Table 2-4 health rating. If it was unoperated but no complications have occurred, and no other issues are determined to be present than you still may be able to qualify in the Table 2-4 range. Very serious cases of aneurysms which cause disability and also loss of vision can expect Table 4-8 ratings, or could possibly become a decline for traditional life insurance. In these cases, we would consider a guaranteed acceptance policy as a last case scenario. These policies do cost slightly higher but they do provide valuable life insurance protection.

The first step in getting covered is becoming informed on what to expect. From here, you can contact us directly in order to receive your free life insurance evaluation for life insurance after an aneurysm. Our experienced agents will be able to ask the right questions to determine which life insurance policy will work best for you, or a loved one.

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