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There are three types of high risk (impaired risk) categories. There are those pertaining to physical health, mental or cognitive health, and hazardous activities/occupations. You can also click here to view a large list of risks we cover.

Life Insurance Approval With Kidney Disease

Wondering how you can get a life insurance approval with kidney disease? You’re not alone! Many people with kidney disease who are declined simply didn’t choose the right carrier to apply to. Not everyone will be eligible for the same products, but there are many suitable options for coverage. Kidney disease has large variances from… Continue Reading

Life Insurance With Protein In Urine (Proteinuria)

When you apply for life insurance, many different things are evaluated in both your blood and urine. Your rates could change for your life insurance with protein in urine, for example, depending on how much there is on the initial reading. While some companies are strict to their underwriting for life insurance with protein in… Continue Reading

Life Insurance With Bell’s Palsy

Applying for and qualifying for life insurance with Bell’s palsy is a very straightforward process and great life insurance rates are still likely. Even if you have recently had an issue with Bell’s palsy it should not alone decline you for any traditional life insurance policies. However, some important guidelines do exist when applying for… Continue Reading

Bipolar Life Insurance

Searching for bipolar life insurance can be extremely frustrating because many life insurance carriers will decline someone with a history of bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is one of the “red flags” which many carriers try to stay away from, but we do have certain carriers we work with who will offer affordable life insurance policies.… Continue Reading